Anyone seen Krazykid???

Comment if you have in the past week!

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Luxa’s New Blog

Here is my URL.


Ugh. Nobody came. Come this time please.

Who- Comitee (Welcoming)

What- Meeting

Where- Big Tree, Zap

When- 4/15/10 9 PM Eastern

Why- Meeting (lol)


Tonight was fun??

Okay, so tonight, I wasn’t there but someone (I don’t remember who I deleted it before I looked, sorry) emailed me Joke Contest Winners.

3rd- Jammer

2nd- rmid

1st- lilosjpet (or is it lilojpet)

I don’t know what else happen’d, but thanks for the contest winners, whoever sent them to me! I think the name started with an R or something, but I deleted it on accident before seeing the whole name. If you told me, then comment here that it was you! And don’t forget, the Welcoming Comitee Meeting is on 4/7/10 at 9pm Eastern Time at Big Tree so we can discuss.


Updated Wallpaper!

Hey toots! Well I don’t have much to post about right now so I thought I would update the wallpapers! I re-did the supersonic wallpaper again and now he has Chaos Emeralds!

I will try to make a 100% new one soon! But right now I’m WAY too busy!

Oh,and check out my youtube channel Here and go to favorites to hear awesome songs! (They are clean and have no bad words or anything)

I will also see if I can get hypercam for my laptop soon so I can make movies!:-] If any of you know anything about it I would be highly thankful and you will get credit for it!


Servers & Crowd Level

Louis says we have new servers and so they were testing them. That was why is was taking so long! He also said that it should be fixed momentarily, so just hang in there! It is also because of new toots, they had to make new servers.